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Here is the class outline:

1. Wonderfilled {Advanced/CAE exam preparation}

Today’s children, ages 8 to 18, consume multiple types of media (often simultaneously) and spend more time (44.5 hours per week) in front of computer, television, and game screens than any other activity in their lives except sleeping. Research has found strong associations between increases in advertising for non-nutritious foods and rates of childhood obesity.

2. Smart homes {Upper-Intermediate}

Home automation is the residential extension of building automation and involves the control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), appliances, and security. Modern systems generally consist of switches and sensors connected to a central hub sometimes called a "gateway" from which the system is controlled with a user interface that is interacted either with a wall mounted terminal, mobile phone software, tablet computer or a web interface.

3. For a flying enemy make a silver bridge. {Advanced/Focus on grammar}

It suggests that your enemy by being closely pursued may become desperate, and recommends the affording him facilities for his escape.

4. Existential Therapy from the Universe {Advanced/CPE}

“We are — as far as we know — the only part of the universe that’s self-conscious,” the poet Mark Strand marveled in his beautiful meditation on the artist’s task to bear witness to existence, adding: “We could even be the universe’s form of consciousness. We might have come along so that the universe could look at itself… It’s such a lucky accident, having been born, that we’re almost obliged to pay attention.”

5. Rise and shine! {Intermediate}

We live in a world that worships the early riser. Think of everything we're told on the virtues of waking up early.

6. Why So Many Smart People Aren’t Happy {Intermediate}

It’s a paradox: Shouldn’t the most accomplished be well equipped to make choices that maximize life satisfaction?

7. The case against tiny houses {Intermediate}

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I love tiny houses. My own apartment is a little over 300 square feet, most of which is taken up by a Murphy bed. The idea of building an entire free-standing structure where every appliance and piece of furniture can fold into something else is very appealing.